Wildflower Meadow Dried Flower Bouquet

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Discover the beauty of nature with our breathtaking meadow dried flower bouquet! This unique arrangement is a botanical work of art, featuring an array of colourful wildflowers, whimsical eucalyptus, and playful grasses. It's like a little garden party in a vase!

Perfect for gifting for Mother's Day, Housewarming, or just to brighten up your home, our dried flower bouquet is a cheerful and long-lasting addition to any room. Our delightful dried flower bouquet will add a touch of nature and a pop of colour to your home.

Colourful wildflowers, eucalyptus, achillea, bunny tails, star flowers, and various natural grasses. We will include a variety of neutral white/beige, pink, purple, green, and orange/yellow flowers in more muted / pastel colours.

Made from premium-quality dried flowers, this bouquet is both sustainable and long-lasting as they are preserved to retain their beauty and colour for months.

- Medium: 20-22 cm wide and 40cm tall
- Large: 20-30 cm wide and 50 cm tall

Please note, every bouquet is slightly different & unique as they are made-to-order using current stock, so no 2 arrangements are exactly the same.