When should I Order my Wedding Confetti?

We usually recommend to order your wedding confetti 4-8 weeks before the big day. 

We also have a delayed shipping option which means that you can order everything you need now, you leave your Wedding date at checkout and we will deliver your whole order 1 month prior to your Wedding.

Please, do NOT order less than 10 days prior to your Wedding as we don't guarantee delivery.


How much confetti should I order?

For confetti moments during & after the ceremony, we recommend to get 1 litre of confetti for 10 - 12 people.

For flower girls, we recommend to get 1 litre for 1 young flower girl and get 1-2 litres for 1 adult flower girl.

Just to sprinkle on the tables as decor, we recommend to get 1 litre for approx. 3 tables.

To decorate a petal path, we recommend to get 1.5-2 litres for 1 metre on both side.


How should I store my confetti until the Big Day?

We recommend to store the petals ( and dried flowers) in dry and dark place.

Dried petals can last up to 6 months.

Freeze-dried petals can last up to 3 months.


Is your confetti Biodegradable?

Yes, all of our confetti, both the dried & freeze-dried petals, are natural, eco-friendly & biodegradable.

This type of confetti should be approved by all venues as they are all natural but please, check with your venue provider.


Where are your petals / confetti from?

Most of our petals from UK so they are local. We love to support British suppliers whenever we can.


Are these petals stain?

All of our petals are 100% natural. We didn't experience any staining so far with these nor got any complains from customers so far.

If you are concerned, please order some sample packs to check.


Types of confetti we offer

We offer 2 types of petals:

1. We have our regular dried flower petals which are smaller in size and perfect for throwing. Wedding photographers prefer these for confetti moments because they are lightweight and fall slower so they have more time to capture the perfect confetti moment.

2. We also have our freeze-dried petals which are bigger in size and we recommend these for decoration.


Do you do custom orders?

Of course, we know that every single Wedding is magical in its own way and require something different so we offer custom options - just get in contact with us and our team would be so happy to accommodate you.