Secret Garden Wedding Bouquet

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Introducing our enchanting Natural Bouquet, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of a Secret Garden. This stunning arrangement showcases a delightful mix of dried flowers in shades of purple, pink, yellow, and white, exuding a country rustic charm. Handcrafted with love, this bouquet is perfect for weddings, from the radiant bride to the elegant bridesmaid and even the adorable flower girl. Bring a touch of nature's magic to your special day with this ethereal masterpiece that will captivate hearts and create timeless memories.

Make memorable on your special day with the Secret Garden Wedding Bouquet. Crafted with colorful dried flowers, it adds a vibrant pop to any bridal or bridesmaid ensemble. The Floral Arrangement and Flower Wedding Accessories perfectly complete any wedding look.

Perfect for bohemian, romantic or summer weddings, this bouquet blossoms with premium-quality dried flowers in shades of pinks, purples, yellow, and White.

Ideal for brides seeking a bouquet that's as unique as their love story, our Secret Garden bouquet also works beautifully for bridesmaids and flower girls, adding a touch of pink and yellow warmth to their wedding day ensemble.

- Bridal Bouquet: approx 38 cm in height x 40 cm in width.
-Bridesmaid Bouquet: approx 34 cm in height x 28 cm in width.
-Flower Girl Bouquet: approx 30 cm in height x 20 cm in width.

Dried Flowers: 
Each bouquet presents an alluring mix of pinks, purples, yellow, and white dried flowers and grasses. Designed to order using our current stock, each arrangement is unique, and filled with a variety of charming wildflowers, bunny tails, dried wheat, oat, daisy and canary grasses.