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Discover our magical Mermaid Dried Flower Petal Confetti mix, the perfect confetti for beach-themed weddings, whimsical weddings, or pastel wedding decor. This confetti is inspired by The Little Mermaid, handcrafted featuring an assortment of premium-quality dried flower petals and leaves in shades of pink, purple, ivory, green and blue. 🧜‍♀️

100% Natural & Biodegradable REAL dried flower petal mix, made from the most beautiful premium-quality flowers. These stunning petals are grown on a farm in the UK and Europe, handpicked and packed and completely natural with no added dye or chemicals, just like mother nature intended.🌿

Wedding confetti guide - Single litre will serve approx. 10-14 guests depending on your cones or bag sizes.

1 litre = 10-14 Guests
2 litres = 20-28 Guests
3 litres = 30-42 Guests
4 litres = 40-56 Guests
5 litres= 50-70 Guests 

PRICE is for 1 litre of premium-quality petal confetti. Please increase the quantity (QTY) in your basket to add more litres!

The ideal time to order your confetti is 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

Our confetti is 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, using 100% premium-quality real dried flower petals. 

▶ The petals come in either biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging.
▶ Petals can appear 'compressed' during transit however once the packaging is open they will loosen.
▶ The shades of colour may vary slightly from bag to bag and to those shown in the pictures, it’s just mother nature.
▶ Please store out of direct sunlight and damp conditions.
▶ Please note confetti needs separating before use and keep them in a dry place protected from sunlight.

The petals are measured in litres using an ordinary measuring jug which we loosely fill with petals to avoid damage.

Why are they measured in litres rather than weight?
Petals vary in weight depending on the petal type and their size - plus other factors can influence the weight too, so volume is a much more reliable measurement.