Colourful Rainbow Dried Flower Bouquet

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Bring a burst of colour into your home with our colourful rainbow dried flower bouquet! Hand-selected and arranged, the bouquet features a mix of dried flowers in an array of hues including pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. Also perfect for special occasions like birthdays, and Mother's Day, or as a thoughtful gift for a housewarming. Made from premium-quality dried flowers, this bouquet is both sustainable and long-lasting as they are preserved to retain their beauty and colour for months.

Bring a touch of nature into your home with our rainbow dried flower bouquet. Or gift the joy of colour with this colourful floral arrangement to someone special in your life.

This bouquet includes a random mixture of colourful dried flowers and grasses. Every bouquet is completely unique as they are made-to-order using current stock, so no 2 arrangements are the same. The bouquet includes (but not limited to) colourful wildflowers, bunny tails, dried wheat, oat, and canary grasses.

- Mini: approx. 10-12cm wide and 20-25cm tall = suitable for small/narrow vases.
- Medium: approx. 17-20 cm wide and 30-35cm tall
- Large: 20-24 cm wide and 40cm tall
- Extra Large: 25-30 cm wide and 50 cm tall
- Letterbox: bouquet size designed to fit into a 30cm letterbox so they can be delivered to you even if you're not at home. The bouquet will be approx. 25-30cm tall and 12cm wide after you assemble it.

Delivery note:
Bouquets will be delivered in boxes and arranged for you except for the letterbox option, which you must assemble yourself.