Biodegradable cello bags - Compostable - C6



Biodegradable clear bags to fit a C6 size envelope (With a self seal adhesive fixing strip for quick and easy sealing).


Size: 120 x 162 mms

These bags are made in the UK from film that has been accredited to ‘OK biobased’. They are made from annually renewable PLA derived from corn or similar starches (potato etc.) and are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O.

Ideal for greetings cards bio-bags, product packaging, wedding confetti, food packaging.

If you need to use clear packaging for your product these bags are as green as you can get.

In normal conditions bio-film bags are quite stable - they may well take years to start degrading.

The main thing to avoid is prolonged exposure to humidity - avoiding excessive heat, moisture and light will maximise shelf life.
(If a bag is splashed with water they don't start to degrade immediately. If wiped off straight away they should come to no harm.)

All our biofilm (and cellophane) bags are fully biodegradable which means that they break down to CO2 and water which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants. This will happen in either in home or commercial composting or landfill. They will still break down to CO2 and water but in commercial composting the temperature will be higher and the process is much quicker. In a colder home composter it will just take longer.