Customisable Confetti Packets - over 50 petal confetti mixes

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The most beautiful individual confetti packets filled with real petal confetti of your choice with the cutest sticker design options. Prefilled with your choice of natural & biodegradable petal confetti mix, conveniently packed in biodegradable clear packets with a touch of uniqueness.

The perfect individually packed confetti for your wedding, saving you the hassle & time of DIY, and just one less thing for you to worry about as these confetti packets are beautiful & ready to use for the perfect confetti moment.

Filled with: your chosen eco-friendly & natural dried flower petal confetti mix
Packet size: 8.5 x 8.5 cm - 3.3'' x 3.3'' inches
clear Packets are made from biodegradable & compostable material
Various sticker design options: Sprinkle the Love, Throw me, Love is in the Air with heart design + choose from 5 different colours


- Please add the quantity, the number of packets you want, into your basket. 
- please also leave your chosen confetti design, sticker design & colour in the text box or at checkout! 

Ready to use

IDEAL TIME TO ORDER: 4-8 weeks before your wedding day

- we put a small handful (50-60mls/pack ) into every pack
-The petals can appear 'compressed' during transit however once the packaging is open they will loosen. 
-These petals are grown on a farm in the UK, handpicked, packed and natural (No dye added)
- Please store them out of direct sunlight and keep them in a dry place.