Pastel Rainbow Wedding Bouquet

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Illuminate your special day with our Pastel Rainbow dried flower wedding bouquet. Ideal for whimsical, fairy-tale, or romantic nuptials, this bouquet bursts with premium-quality dried flowers in soft pastel shades, adding a touch of magic and romance to your wedding celebration.

Our Pastel Rainbow bouquet is more than just a floral arrangement; it's a handcrafted piece of art that brings joy, colour, and dreamy vibes to your wedding day. With this bouquet, you're not just holding flowers; you're embracing a rainbow of love and happiness.

-Bridal Bouquet measures approx 38 cm in height x 21 cm in width.
-Bridesmaid Bouquet measures approx 34 cm in height x 17 cm in width.
-Flower Girl Bouquet measures approx 30 cm in height x 12 cm in width.

Each bouquet presents an alluring mix of pastel yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, and white. Designed to order using our current stock, each arrangement is unique and filled with a variety of charming wildflowers, bunny tails, dried wheat, oat, and canary grasses.

Dried Flowers: 
Each bouquet includes a random mixture of colourful dried flowers and grasses. Every bouquet is completely unique as they are made-to-order using current stock, so no 2 arrangements are exactly the same. The bouquet includes (but is not limited to) colourful wildflowers, bunny tails, dried wheat, oat, and canary grasses.