White Soft Ruscus

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Beautiful Rustic Look for any Special Event
Soft White Ruscus

5 stems

PERFECT for Weddings, Holidays, Baby Showers, and for decorating your home

This is a natural product. This can be different in height, size and bushiness.

each bunch - dimensions of each bunch : 50-60 cm long



Preserved plants are 100% natural. They can only be exposed indoor. They require no maintenance, no watering, no particular brightness. They keep their freshness and flexibility for several years.

  • Handle plants with care and delicacy (fragile natural plants).
  • Avoid rooms with relative humidity above 80%.

  • Use these products in interiors where the temperature is not lower than 10 ° C.

  • Avoid sudden fluctuations in temperature.

  • Avoid positioning preserved plants just in front of an air conditioner.