EMBOSSED GLASSINE BAG - Honeycomb - mini/small


10 Glassine Bags  Mini or Small size

Bag size with Peel& Seal -

small - 89 x 117 mm
mini - 68 x 92 mm

Peel and Seal

Acid free and safe for long term storage. Made in UK.

Glassine envelopes are made from pure pine wood cellulose which is 100% recyclable. The glassine is transparent (opaque), anti-static, chlorine and acid free and does not contain chemical softeners.

These are ideal for a wedding favour bags or a thank you present, protect paper products and for packing cards/brochures/catalogues etc. They are used for storing seeds/photographs/negatives and by Artisan makers of craft products.

Very popular for wedding favour bags for sweets etc for the children, or even pieces of wedding cake. They are also used as confetti bags-adorn them with your own ribbons or labels. It is usually possible to print on them depending on your printer-some printers are better than others!