When it comes to think about organising the “I do” celebration or a party it comes to think about the little details as well. And our handmade and carefully selected products are just that! There is no event that wouldn’t benefit from a little colour and glitter effect, whether you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday and anniversary, doing a baby shower or even following the end of a milestone kind of party.

We offer a mixture of elegant, premium quality and gorgeous party decoration and party accessories to sparkle the superb parties you use them all year round. We never stop thinking of new designs, keeping the balance of the latest trends as well as the classic traditional style to ensure you find the perfect decoration you are looking for to be delivered to your celebration by Bubble & Berry.

If you think about confetti as a decoration Bubble & Berry also have versatile and vibrant ideas to choose from if you are looking for a stylish trendy decor to perk up your party.


Note from our Funder

Hi, I am Sylvia founder and creative director, founded Bubble and Berry in 2015.
I live in Liverpool with my lovely husband and two children. Following the birth of my daughter in 2014 I found myself longing desperately to create something to keep my creative-self awake.
Before launching Bubble and Berry I had been running an interior garden design business for five years. It was full of charm and beauty however I was ready to make the next step but still wanted to stay connected to venue decoration through its elegance, colours and shapes. So the idea of a party and wedding decoration was born. I launched first Bubble and Berry online store in January 2015 and it was a big hit. I never turned back ever since. I am absolute passionate about party decorations and everything that goes with it. In the meantime I employed an assistant and other three party decor specialist joined to Bubble and Berry.

I love seeing this business grow by day after day receiving orders from every corner of the world. I never stop looking for and thinking of new designs, keeping the balance of the latest trends as well as the classic traditional style. I have some exciting new ideas and plans coming this year so if you like our products just follow the bubbles and berries and we will fill your day with elegance, colors and cheer. 

- All of this success would not be possible without our amazing and incredible team who love to create products for our customers' special events. We always strive to provide professional service to every each product is made accurately and packaged with care. Because of their hard work, we have quick turnaround times and we guarantee the highest quality of handmade products.... all so we can save time for each of our customers! -